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The Write Fantastic was a collaborative effort by a number of UK-based fantasy writers to promote our work, and the Fantasy genre in general. I was involved from the start, along with fellow founder members Stan Nicholls, Chaz Brenchley, Sarah Ash, Mark Chadbourn and Jessica Rydill.

We organized events around the country at libraries and literary festivals until government funding cuts in 2010 saw such activities severely curtailed. We organised a couple of one-day conventions after that, but the logistical demands and costs in time and money made that a challenge as an ongoing proposition.

For the moment, The Write Fantastic is in abeyance. Will it ever rise from the ashes? Maybe, one day…

2 thoughts on “The Write Fantastic

  1. Hi. I’ve just finished reading The Tales of Einarinn and The Aldabreshin Compass and enjoyed them very much. I read on a Kindle and I’ve tried Amazon to get The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution which I believe follows on. Is there any hope of this series turning up for Kindle plus The Hadrumal Crisis please?

    1. Hi Gillian, I’m pleased to learn you’ve enjoyed the Tales and Compass books, and sorry that your reading has come to a temporary halt. This is down to some publisher-related admin – ebook rights in the Lescari and Hadrumal trilogies have been transferred to a new publisher, and a new edition for Kindle and elsewhere will be coming out. When…? That’s the question, isn’t it?
      I have just emailed for an update, and I’ll share any news as I get it. Meantime, happy reading 🙂

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