My Life as a Writer

Photograph courtesy The Witney Gazette – back when this all began…

As well as writing my books, I write articles to share the things I have learned about writing and the business of being an author. I go to conventions, visit schools and libraries and talk to student and local SF societies. Occasionally, I do bits of radio, TV and online events. I’m interviewed about my life as an author and creative writing generally, as well as in connection with individual books. I also review other people’s books.

All these things are part of an author’s life. With so many books clamouring for every reader’s attention, talks, interviews and articles are an invaluable way of finding out if you’re on the same wavelength as a writer and likely (or not) to enjoy their books. I’ve always appreciated such opportunities myself, having been a reader far longer than I’ve been writing.

I also teach creative writing, as and when I’m invited. I’ve run seminars at conventions, half-day and day workshops on SF&Fantasy and on general fiction for colleges and literary festivals, and I’ve tutored on residential courses, working solo and with other tutors. Get in touch if you’re interested in discussing this further

2 thoughts on “My Life as a Writer

  1. I have been a reader for as long as I can remember( before I went to school I think….) at 68 that has been a few years.

    I have been reading sciencefiction-adventure genre for a few years now and it is one of my favorite pastimes paticularly when it is cold and rainy as it is in Portland Oregon where I live…( gardening is another favorite hobby.)

    Thankyou for the time and energy and effort you put forth in bringing these characters to life. Reading is such a pleasant pastime and exploring the unknown even more so.



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