Other Fiction

In addition to my novels I’ve written the following shorter fiction. It’s always fun to be challenged and to stretch a few different writing muscles.

2023          The End of the Road
Albedo One – issue 50 

2022          The Golden Rule 
Steampunk novella NewCon Press

2021          Old Gods, New Tricks
‘The Modern Deity’s Guide to Surviving Humanity’ anthology ZNB LLC

2020         Taking Note
‘The Tales of Catt & Fisher – After the War’ Solaris Books

2019         The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
‘Soot and Steel’ anthology NewCon Press

2019        The Echoes of a Shot
‘Alternate Peace’ anthology ZNB LLC

2018        Wanderlust
‘Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar’ anthology ZNB LLC

2018        The Unforeseen Path
‘Tales of the Apt’ anthology, NewCon Press

2017       The Road to Hadrumal
‘Journeys’ anthology Woodbridge Press

2017      A Constant Companion
‘The Death of All Things’ anthology ZNB LLC

2016      Through the Veils/Trace Elements
Novacon Special Publications

2016      A Warning Shiver
‘Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom’

2016      The Sphere
‘Alien Artifacts’ anthology ZNB LLC

2016      Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick
‘Eve of War’ anthology Fox Spirit Books

2015      Coins, Fights and Stories Always Have Two Sides
‘Fight Like A Girl’ anthology Grimbold Books

2015      Truth, Lies and Consequences
FantasyCon Programme Book.

2015      Notes and Queries
‘Temporally Out of Order’ anthology ZNB LLC

2014      Do You Want to Believe in Magic?
Satellite 4 Convention Souvenir Book

2013      Game, Set and Match
‘Tales of Eve’ anthology Fox Spirit Books

2013      The Legend of the Eagle
‘Legends’ edited by Ian Whates, NewCon Press.

2013      The Ties That Bind
serial story ‘Aethernet Magazine’ edited by Barbara Ballantyne, Tony Ballantyne.

2012      She Who Thinks For Herself
‘Resurrection Engines’ anthology Snow Books

2011       The Wisdom of the Ages
Voices from the Past – charity ebook anthology in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital

2011       An Unforseen Legacy
Murky Depths Magazine Issue 15

2011       The Grand Tour
After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar – DAW – March

2010       Fear Itself
Fear The Alien (Warhammer 40,000 anthology) – Black Library

2010       Remembrance
Anniversaries (The Write Fantastic anthology) – Newcon Press

2010       Reflections
Torchwood Magazine April 2010

2009       Patience; A Womanly Virtue
British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009

2009       Is This My Last Testament?
Murky Depths Magazine – Issue 9

2008       Noble Deceit
Subterfuge – Newcon Press

2008       Walking Shadows
Imaginary Friends – DAW

2007       The Wizard’s Coming
The Solaris Book of New Fantasy – Solaris

2006       Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
British Fantasy Society – A Celebration

2006       Identify Theft
British Fantasy Society; FantasyCon

2006       Urban Renewal
Concussed; Concussion, Eastercon 2006

2006      A Spark in the Darkness*
Postscripts 6, PS Publishing

2005       Win Some, Lose Some*
Postscripts 5, PS Publishing

2004       Turns and Chances
An Einarinn novella, PS Publishing

2003       Losing Track of Time
Dr Who; Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors, Ed. John Binns.

2003       The Wedding Gift*#
An Illustrated Tale of Einarinn, Einarinn Ltd

2001       The Tormalin Necklace*
F20, The British Fantasy Society

* stories featuring characters from The Tales of Einarinn

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