The Green Man’s Foe

When you do a good job for someone, there’s a strong chance they’ll offer you more work or recommend you elsewhere. So Daniel Mackmain isn’t particularly surprised when his boss’s architect brother asks for his help on a historic house renovation in the Cotswolds.

Except Dan’s a dryad’s son, and he soon realises there’s a whole lot more going on. Ancient malice is stirring and it has made an alliance in the modern world. The Green Man expects Dan to put an end to this threat. Seeing the danger, Dan’s forced to agree. The problem is he’s alone in a place he doesn’t know, a hundred miles or more away from any allies of his own.

This story is for everyone who has read and enjoyed The Green Man’s Heir, and shared their enthusiasm so effectively that the book has become such a success. How could I not write you wonderful people a sequel?

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This story sees Daniel taken out of his comfort zone in all sorts of ways. He finds that dealing with a supernatural menace is a lot trickier when you don’t have a boss who knows what’s going on, and when you’re surrounded by workmates who have no idea what’s at stake. He learns he’s not the only apparently ordinary person able to see the unseen, who goes through life keeping a startling secret. He realises there’s a great deal more to the hidden world that he was born into than his mother has ever told him. Though, to be fair, as she points out, he never asked…
Most of all, he learns that there are people more than ready to exploit this hidden world for their own personal gain.

As ever, I am tremendously grateful to Cheryl Morgan, for all that she does as the driving force and technical expert behind Wizard’s Tower Press. My thanks go to Toby Selwyn who has scrutinised the text as my editor, bringing his keen eye and impeccable skills to flag up and smooth out any awkwardnesses.

Ben Baldwin had a very different challenge with the artwork this time round. Instead of bringing his skills and imagination to an already iconic image, he has created this new vision of an ancient myth, and I am more thrilled with it than words can convey.