Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom

Magic doesn’t always have to be codified and organised by scholarly, collegiate wizards. What if there’s uncanny magic at work in a world, something imperfectly understood and learned by trial and error?

What if magical creatures come from a parallel reality of superstition and myth? Let’s imagine a world with different layers of existence, imperfectly glimpsed by a talented few – who never sought such uncanny power.

No matter how dangerous it might be, some people will always make use of such magic, or at least, they will make the attempt. Meantime, surely some of those with such perilous power will feel a responsibility to protect those who remain unawares? Who else will watch over the vulnerable? Who will watch these watchmen?

This is the world of the River Kingdom, where the Shadow Histories record encounters with the intangible realm.

The River Kingdom Map

The River Kingdom – Realms and Peoples

The River Kingdom – the Sun Goddess, the Moon God, and Magic

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Artwork & layout by Ben Baldwin
Artwork & layout by Ben Baldwin