Farewell to a faithful feline friend

Our lovely, and beloved, cat Buzz collapsed and died last night. He’s been unwell for a while, with a digestive upset that’s defied diagnosis, despite our excellent vets’ best efforts. So the last month’s seen a succession of tests and treatments which have ruled things out rather than solved the problem. But he’s not been suffering and we had no reason to expect yesterday’s abrupt decline.

The sons are taking it particularly hard- Buzz, and Sable who died two years ago this month, were their childhood pets. Husband and I have at least been through this hateful business more than once before, not that it gets any easier.

So we’re all very shocked and sad today.



  1. I’m very sorry for your loss. My family has had a tough month; we had to say goodbye to a very special kitten on Friday, she had a birth defect but fought on until it was just too much 🙁 And then today we had to say goodbye to a very dear old friend, our Border Collie who had a heart of gold – we think he had a stroke and it was too much for him.
    My thoughts are with you and your family.

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