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To email me, use juliet dot mckenna at gmail dot com

Subject to diary and other commitments, I’m always happy to discuss doing interviews, podcasts and so on.

If you have a book to propose for my review column in Albedo One, send me the details and we’ll take it from there.

If you have a query about foreign translation or other rights in my work, contact me in the first instance and I can put you in touch with the relevant publisher.


  1. Hello and a big thank you for your wonderful books. I am a 62 year old wifie /tapestry weaver living on Great Bernera,on the edge of the isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides. I just want to thank you for consistantly providing a totally believable world, with realistic characters and unexpectable plots for us to dive into.
    Having only found you in the last few years, I have and love every book and some of my friends are now hooked too!
    Good luck and many thanks, Sallie.
    PS Just getting near the end of “Dangerous Waters”

    1. Hi Sallie, thanks for taking the time to drop me a line – and I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the books. That’s why I write them after all 🙂

      You live in the Outer Hebrides? Somewhere I’ve long wanted to visit – the only complication being my ability to get seasick on a wet pavement. There’s not much in my books that’s autobiographical but Livak’s dislike of boats definitely is! One day, maybe…

      Incidentally, your tapestries are stunning! I’m a proficient knitter/embroiderer as long as I have a pattern but to be able to create art like yours? I’m awestruck.

      all best wishes, Juliet

  2. Dear Juliet,
    I’m mortified!
    Here we are 2 years down the line and i never imagined that you would be kind enough to drop me a line. So i never looked back, just kept reading all your books up.
    I love them!
    the only trouble being; that it takes a lot less time to read your books than it must do to write them. so I’ve run out.
    I want to thank you so much for your wonderful imaginations and the gripping stories

  3. Hi Juliet,

    I’m currently really enjoying the Aldabreshin books, however, I can’t seem to be able to buy an electric version of Eastern Tide on GooglePlay or Amazon?

    Thank you kindly

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