Other Fiction

In addition to my novels I’ve written the following shorter fiction. It’s always fun to be challenged and to stretch a few different writing muscles.

2011       The Wisdom of the Ages
Voices from the Past – charity ebook anthology in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital

2011       An Unforseen Legacy
Murky Depths Magazine Issue 15

2011       The Grand Tour
After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar – DAW – March

2010       Fear Itself
Fear The Alien (Warhammer 40,000 anthology) – Black Library

2010       Remembrance
Anniversaries (The Write Fantastic anthology) – Newcon Press

2010       Reflections
Torchwood Magazine April 2010

2009       Patience; A Womanly Virtue
British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009

2009       Is This My Last Testament?
Murky Depths Magazine – Issue 9

2008       Noble Deceit
Subterfuge – Newcon Press

2008       Walking Shadows
Imaginary Friends – DAW

2007       The Wizard’s Coming
The Solaris Book of New Fantasy – Solaris

2006       Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
British Fantasy Society – A Celebration

2006       Identify Theft
British Fantasy Society; FantasyCon

2006       Urban Renewal
Concussed; Concussion, Eastercon 2006

2006      A Spark in the Darkness*
Postscripts 6, PS Publishing

2005       Win Some, Lose Some*
Postscripts 5, PS Publishing

2004       Turns and Chances
An Einarinn novella, PS Publishing

2003       Losing Track of Time
Dr Who; Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors, Ed. John Binns.

2003       The Wedding Gift*#
An Illustrated Tale of Einarinn, Einarinn Ltd

2001       The Tormalin Necklace*
F20, The British Fantasy Society

* stories featuring characters from The Tales of Einarinn

# available by mail order as an individual chap book or as part of a portfolio of posters by a range of the UK’s leading comic book artists.

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