Some Free Stories!

One of the many great things about the Internet is when you hear about a new author, you can try before you buy!

You can find links to the opening chapters of my novels here as free pdf downloads,
as well as my short story, ‘The Wizard’s Coming’ which fits in between my Lescari and Hadrumal trilogies.

Preparing the ebook editions of The Aldabreshin Compass series has inspired me to write some short stories to explore everything else that was going on while Daish Kheda was off on his own life or death quests. I’ll be adding to the listing here as they’re released.

Quartering the Compass 1 – Fire in the Night

Quartering the Compass 2 – Distant Thunder

Quartering the Compass 3 – Rocks and Shoals

Every so often, I post a short story on the blog. Here are a couple of those.


Identity Theft

I’ve also come up with these stories first published here and there elsewhere.

Urban Renewal

The Wisdom of the Ages

Patience, A Womanly Virtue



  1. SerTyrion says:

    I read and loved your first series a few years ago, and recently decided to start the next one. And then I see you wrote these short stories, which is something I love when authors do. Do you have a suggested place to read each one?

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