Eastern Tide – the ebook cover art!

Wizard’s Tower Press will be rolling out the ebook edition of Eastern Tide to the usual online retailers this week. Exactly where it appears and when will largely depend on their arcane processes, so I’ll post updates when sightings are confirmed.

Meantime, here’s the fourth of Ben Baldwin‘s superb illustrations to whet your appetite 🙂 And do feel free to contact Ben if you’re interested in having prints of these wonderful covers to hang on your walls.

Eastern Tide  Artwork by Ben Baldwin
Eastern Tide
Artwork by Ben Baldwin


  1. I’m so delighted to hear it’s going to be published soon!
    I’ve found your work thanks to your blog post on Charlie Stross’ site, so barely a few weeks ago. I prefer reading epubs rather than paper versions so after having stormed through the Tales of the Einarinn and the three volumes of the Aldabreshin Compass, I felt completely bereaved without the last volume 😉
    Thank goodness it’s going to be here any day now… And then I’ll be able to go through the next two series!
    Thank you for your wonderful work and writing and congratulations to Ben Baldwin for his beautiful art cover.

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